Your Association’s own private management web site that gives your team an exciting way to communicate between Owners, Management and Board members!

An instant and private website for Home Owner, Condominium, Strata, and Co-op Associations. A user friendly, centralized location to manage all documents, news and information of your association. Everyone will be kept informed without the need for costly and time consuming printing, photocopying and delivery of information and notices to owners. Easy to use, allowing volunteer resident management of your site if you choose!

Property Management Software

Your Association’s Web Site Key Features

Personalized websites for Homeowners Associations, Condos,
Neighborhoods and communities of all types and sizes.


Stay Up To Date


Association Information


List of all members


Share documents with ease


Don’t miss a meeting


Share images


Share video


Via voice, text and email

Voice, Text and Email Broadcast Messaging

We have integrated the use of Voice, Text and Email Broadcast messaging to send instantly and simultaneously important emergency alerts, promotions, updates, and notifications. It’s an easy and cost-effective way to reach more people in less time. Additional phone or text contact numbers can be added at any time.


***LIVE 24/7 WEBCAM BROADCASTING service as well, for resident SECURITY and REAL TIME ACCESS to General Meetings and other real time live shared events. Great for absentee owners who can access from anywhere in the world on their computer or mobile device!

Benefits of Using Condo News Center

We have your best interests in mind

Secure, Private, Walled Garden

Condo News Center ensures sensitive information is transmitted in a highly protected environment.


Seamless communication between property managers, the Board and residents.  No more miscommunication and waiting for calls.


Centralized file sharing ensuring nothing is lost or misplaced.  Examples: Financial statements, budgets and schedules, Bylaws and relevant Legislation, meeting minutes and more.

Custom Branding

Customize your user experience using your organization’s own brand name.

Smart Phone and Tablet Accessible

Access all features and benefits on your site with your mobile devices.

Resident Participation

Residents can participate by providing news and information to the site as well as participating in the real time forum. Resident volunteers can easily manage the site!

Video Broadcast

Enhances resident comfort of security. Broadcasting of a live webcam or security camera in common areas can be viewed 24/7 on your site by integrating existing webcam software and camera. With Video Broadcast, absentee owners and directors can watch live and participate in General Meetings. (NEST CAM and other top brand wireless cameras available at Amazon, Best Buy and other major retailers.)

Simple to Use

Condo News Center is built with the customer in mind.  It is as simple as sign up and use it.


The software can be used by associations with less than ten units, to those with hundreds of units in a multi-building complex.


Everything is clear and easy to manage from one centralized location no matter where you are.

Tutorial Video

A step by step instructional video on how to use the Condo News Center application is available on the CNC web site (view DEMO) and on the subscriber site under videos.

Get an Annual Subscription and Save

Sign up for 12 months and pay only $25.00 per month (U.S. Funds)

***GENERATE REVENUE by activating Sponsor Ad Space on your site.                            See News Post #2 on Demo Site for Details!

***PROPERTY MANAGERS CAN CUSTOMIZE AND OFFER THIS SERVICE WITH THEIR OWN EXCLUSIVE BRAND NAME IDENTITY along with their client association name on the site. They can also charge and collect their own fees from their association clients for the service.



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